Baby Goat Yoga at Wildflower Farm

Last Saturday, I met up with some of the girls from Girls Gone Social Orlando, the local Meetup group I started a few months ago. We spent the morning at Wildflower Farms playing with baby goats and doing light yoga with an instructor…but mostly playing with the cutest baby goats!

Wildflower Farm is located near Baldwin Park, just east of downtown Orlando. It’s set back on a winding road, far enough from the hustle and bustle of Orlando, but still easy to find.

The farm is an actual working farm with chickens, roosters, pigs and goats. When I was there, one of the Momma pigs had piglets recently. They were adorable! The owner makes and sells goat milk, cheese, soaps and farm fresh eggs.

I arrived about 10 minutes early and met the owner, Linda. She showed me where all the animals were located, including where the baby goats were (housed separate from the older goats). The girls from my Meetup group started arrive and I set up my yoga mat under the pavilion. While waiting for class to start, I chatted with some of the girls, most of who I had never met before.

When class started, the goats were set free from their pen and it was hilarious to see them all stampeding towards everyone sitting on yoga mats under the pavilion. There are currently 16 baby goats, the youngest is named Ranger.

The goats were ready for their first meal of the day and our first task was to feed them. Warm bottles of milk were passed around and of course the newest addition, Ranger, chose me and Deanna (who sat next to me) to feed him.

After the goats were nice and full, our instructor led us through some easy yoga poses. The goats ran around and jumped on people’s back and stomachs. It was so funny to see goats on top of people doing yoga poses.

I did more petting and holding of goats instead of yoga, and that was completely okay. The entire experience was one of the most joyful things I’ve ever done and I couldn’t stop laughing in delight every time a goat or two jumped on me.

Wildflower Farm hosts other events during the week such as the Party in the Pasture. Adults can bring their own beverages, hang out on the farm and play with the baby goats. There is also a family friendly edition of this event.

If you’re interested in doing yoga at Wildflower Farm, be sure to purchase your ticket early because it tends to sell out! Tickets are $22.

I had so much fun at this event playing with the cutest goats in town and meeting some new friends. We all agreed that we need to come back for Party in the Pasture at some point!