5 Reasons Why Having a Realtor is Important When Buying a Home

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Buying a home is an exciting journey and having the right professional team on your side can greatly reduce the stress that comes from this process. The first person you want on your team is the person who wears many hats, the Realtor.

Here are my five best tips on why having a Realtor to help you buy or sell a home is beneficial.

  1. Knowledge

A great realtor knows their stuff! To become a Realtor, you need to undergo a lot of training to completely understand the home buying and selling process, and then continue that training throughout your career.

Realtors have a treasure trove of knowledge on the buying and selling process, current real estate market trends (super important in today’s world), the best time to sell your home (perhaps now while the market is hot, hot, hot?!) and how to attract more buyers.

A knowledgeable Realtor can answer a lot of your questions when you start the buying or selling process and even help you fill out the many forms that are needed when buying a new home.

They also understand the local market. They are familiar with the neighborhood and can locate comparable homes in the area for you. They can give you information about schools in the area, demographics and answer any other questions you have about the neighborhood.

2. Marketing Skills

Part of being a Realtor is the ability to wear multiple hats. A Realtor who has been selling homes for awhile knows what to write, post or advertise to attract the right buyers. They have great knowledge of social media and know how to hold events such as open houses to the public or to other real estate agents.

But marketing a home isn’t just about advertising it. Other things include staging and decorating it, making some small home improvements inside and out to make your home more attractive, and then taking photos and videos of these things to market the home.  

A good Realtor has an eye for design and can help with all these things to get your home sold fast.  

3. Strong Negotiation Skills

Are you more of a dolphin instead of a shark when it comes to negotiating? Don’t worry, the Realtor you choose will be your shark and help you get the best possible deal on the property you want to purchase. And since today’s housing market is on fire, sometimes negotiations can get heated or emotional. You’ll want a savvy negotiator that is not emotionally invested on your side to get you the best bang for your buck!

A confident negotiator can even fight for additional incentives for you like keeping appliances and furniture or having the seller cover the closing costs. They can also negotiate contract terms.

4. Access to a Professional Network

A great Realtor usually has a huge network of people to contact for various things like inspections, appraisals, lawyers, and mortgage professionals. Sure, you could contact all these people yourself, but why not use your Realtor’s network to save you time? Using their network will guarantee that you receive excellent service from other professionals in the home buying process.  

5. Help with Paperwork

To put it simply, paperwork is annoying. Unfortunately, when buying a home, a lot of paperwork is involved. Sometimes that paperwork is an inch or more in thickness. That is a lot to read and fill out! Your Realtor will review every single document to ensure that everything you are signing is working in your favor. They can also ensure that everything is filled out correctly so nothing falls through the cracks that could land you in legal trouble.  

Closing on a home is typically a long process. Working with the right Realtor can make the process smoother. Your Realtor is your ally and want to make sure you refer them to friends, family, and come back to them the next time you need to buy a home!

Erin E. King MBA, Realtor(R)

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