Dinner at The H

A few weekends ago, I enjoyed a double date night out with my husband and in-laws at The H. Located in the Doctor Phillips area of Orlando, this posh looking restaurant is for the elegantly chic dressed and has moody lighting, great art on the walls (I loved the pop-art inspired Marilyn Monroe piece that was hung above our table) and lots of seating, including plush areas to enjoy your meal. The menu is Turkish-inspired and prices are on the higher end. After 4pm on Friday and Saturday nights, the restaurant is only for ages 21 and up. They have a DJ that plays music after 9pm and the restaurant has a sort of nightclub vibe. On weekends, they offer an unlimited brunch menu at $70 a pop.

We decided to start with two appetizers. First up: the cheese and charcuterie board. It came with bresaola, parmesan, gorgonzola, brie, cornichons, Dijon mustard, dried fruit, and grissini. It was small, but easily shared and delicious.

Our second appetizer was the smoked Wagyu pastrami. Thin slices of Wagyu pastrami was paired with truffle aioli, cornichons, crispy sourdough and The H Steak Sauce. Again, small portions, but this was a deliciously unique take on a “tartare” style dish.

Our server informed us that many of the things on the menu are perfect for sharing, so that’s what we opted to do for the entire meal. I was easily influenced by many TikToker’s videos showcasing The H’s most popular dish, the pappardelle, so I decided we absolutely had to try it. The homemade pappardelle is served table side on a gigantic flaming welled-out wheel of Parmesan cheese. As it is stirred around the flaming wheel, each piece of pasta is coated in the melting cheese and then served in large dish to be shared family style. The pappardelle was so creamy and deserves a chef’s kiss. This was my favorite dish because…carbs! I shared a video of the flaming wheel of cheesy pasta over on my TikTok, so click on over to check it out!

We also chose the Chateau Filet (for two) which is also seared table side in clarified butter and served with the most delicious sourdough bread. The filet was perfectly medium rare and the sourdough bread was crispy and buttery from being seared alongside the steak. The portion was huge and easy to share among the four of us. The steak was so good! To go along with the steak, we ordered a side of their burgundy mushrooms.

The H has an intriguing and long dessert menu, but I had to go with the Chocolate Lovers. A chocolate sphere filled is with brownie bites, fresh berries, cotton candy and topped with a warm fudge sauce that the server pours over the sphere so that it melts and everything inside falls out. It was a very sweet ending to an overall delicious meal.

Though we didn’t really try any of their interesting looking cocktails on this trip, a few caught my eye as servers carried them to other tables. I will definitely be back to try them!

I highly recommend checking out The H for your next date night! It’s hard to beat dinner and a table side show with great food!